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Why becoming a reseller?

Have you got an agency or are a freelancer? Discover the advantages of the Reseller plan

  • Easy and free

    Contact us at [email protected] or via messenger to register as a Reseller

  • Exclusive discounts

    Our Resellers have access to an exclusive price list with great discounts

  • Sell at your own price

    Thanks to the easy to use management, you will be able to register the services on behalf of your clients, but billed to yourself, so you'll be able to resell them at the price your prefer

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What do we offer?

This is how we like to pamper our customers:

  • Instant set-up

    Create the websites for your customers with our WordPress/WooCommerce one-click system!

  • Dedicated support

    We are aware that every client has different needs. This is why you can contact us at any time, not with a call-center who knows where, but with us, the people who built

  • Reliability

    To ensure maximum reliability we partenered with Cloudflare.

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